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Dave Otto 
Ever since leaving my hometown of Minneapolis  and breaking into radio at 19 in Catskill , N.Y., I have traversed the country from coast to coast creating havoc and leaving a trail of broken marriages. My first major market job was in Phoenix where I was officially given the moniker “Crazy” Dave Otto after being ruled legally insane by the court. That label stuck with me through gigs in Houston, San Diego, Cleveland, Boston and Dallas before finally being told by my PD in Denver it was too juvenile. I thought that’s what he hired me for!

I have received numerous citations over the years (mostly traffic) and the two awards that were actually related to radio were later taken back when it was discovered a bribe was involved.

I remain single because…well…if you were a woman, would you want to mess with all that baggage?




Born to an Irish father and a Cherokee mother, I am a tempest of wild humor and deep irony.  As soon as I learned to talk I started telling stories, singing and making people laugh. 

From bungee jumping in Virginia Beach to dealing blackjack in Las Vegas, I’ve enjoyed some career choices before finding my love of radio.  

Some folks call me “That Kid’s Mom”… I love my daughter Mia and my two “Bonus” sons Jimmy and Myles. My house is the place where the neighborhood kids come to play. I have a wonderful husband, Jim and I work hard to be sure that he and the kids are happy and healthy and doing the right thing.

My life is exciting and drama filled just like yours. I cook, I clean, and I drive to work. If we can make each other smile and listen to some great music together…come on and hang out with me….it is just a matter of time before I will find something funny or sad or stupid to tell you about. Talk to you on the airwaves!



I got into radio by accident when I was heard singing along to the songs playing at a radio station happy hour remote when I was 20. I was recruited by the morning show DJ to sing a parody he’d written. From there, I started writing and performing my own parodies and acting in bits for the morning show. The next thing I knew, I landed a full time job in radio. 

I dropped out of college to pursue my passion for entertaining and I haven’t looked back.  I’m also an actor, a singer, the mother of two sons and a daughter, and a wife.  I enjoy designing and creating jewelry, photography, running, long walks and bubble baths. I’ve never met an animal that I didn’t love and strays always seem to wind up at my door knowing I’ll help them. 

Oh and I also have nice smelling hair. 



Zack Taylor
I’m a passionate man in the world of radio! I love long walks on the beach, shrimp, cool looking sunglasses and telephones that you can actually operate correctly without accidentally hanging up on the person on hold. Listen and call me every evening as I brush up on the telephone part.

Now for some word association: First Station – WFSH Niceville, Florida / College – University of Mississippi / Hobbies – Gym, Racquetball / Favorite Constellation – Orion / Fun Factoid – I speak 6 languages but not particularly well…including English










Chris Hatton
When I’m not on the late night shift, you might find me on the ice (lying down), in the fairway (hopefully) or in the gym (really?).

I also do my fair share of hiking and biking, weather permitting of course.

After 10 plus years, I still love entertaining people and I’m thankful every day that you give me that opportunity.





















 Jason Bowers
Jason Bowers knows pop culture better than you do. He's been filling his head with everything entertainment since he was a kid and he's unleashed it on radio listeners every day. He uses his acid tongue, and puts you at ease with his "best friend" demeanor.

When Jason's not talking about celebs he's talking to them, handling interviews here and formerly at powerhouse stations STAR 98-7 and KIIS in Los Angeles. Jason was also previously heard on XM Satellite Radio, as well as stations in San Diego, Riverside, Bakersfield, and his hometown of Allentown, PA (yes, the same Allentown of which Billy Joel sings). Jason has, sadly, never met Mr. Joel.

Jason has been seen in TV commercials (Saturn), heard in national TV commercials (On Star with Jimmy Fallon) and has appeared on Comedy Central's The Man Showand ABC'sGeneralHospital. He’s also performed improv, sketch, and standup at The Improv, The Comedy Store, The Groundlings, Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Austin.

Jason loves electronics and gadgets (especially his TiVo and his iPhone). Take him to an electronics superstore and he'll be your friend forever. Jason Bowers is a joy to have in class.



 Jenna McKay

Jenna is Irish – Italian and enjoys cooking. Radio was something to do in her spare time at TempleUniversity in Philadelphia. She soon caught a break in her hometown of Philly and then it was off to Florida and Los Angeles to enjoy the climate along with her radio gigs.


She’s the right mix of music and fun with a heavy dose of gossip and commentary. When she was on in the evening, she would invite listeners to pour a glass of wine and call in and she now sees nothing wrong with asking them to do the same in the middle of the day.